Young students visit Clovis Police crime lab

Corp. Lonnie Amerjan of the Clovis Police Department crime lab showed sixth-graders around during the annual Chief for a Day tour of the Clovis Police Department on Thursday.

Amerjan even showed the recently found bones of a dog.

The students were taught the importance of making sure the bones were not human in the recovery process.

Students Shayne Baldwin, Allie Macdonnell, Sunshine de Castro, Megan Wilhoite and Alexis Copeland won the tour in an essay contest that answered the question, "If I were police chief, what would I do to make the community a safer and better place for students?"

They spent the day learning about the police department by touring the facility and participating in hands-on activities. Prizes and monetary support for the event were provided by Limo for You, Yosemite Falls Cafe, Freebird World Burrito, and the Clovis Lions and Clovis Kiwanis clubs.