Academic All-Stars

Eighth grade: Lexi Padgett, John Sutter Middle School

Academic All-Star Lexi Padgett is a 4.0 GPA student who stays busy with 4H and FFA, barrel racing, volleyball and basketball and has been a majorette.
Academic All-Star Lexi Padgett is a 4.0 GPA student who stays busy with 4H and FFA, barrel racing, volleyball and basketball and has been a majorette.

Lexi Padgett is not on her school’s cheer team, but she is the captain of a cheer squad made up of her own family.

“Since this child was born, she has had the leadership capabilities to keep us all in line,” says Lexi’s grandma, Carol Padgett. “Lexi’s always been a leader and we are all her followers.”

The family celebrates Lexi’s efforts in nearly everything she does – from barrel racing competitions to volleyball and basketball. The support from family has kept Lexi looking forward, as well as helped her realize what she wants to do when she grows up: become a youth counselor.

“I think that from growing up in a nice family and a nice home, that I want that for other teens,” Lexi says.

At 13, Lexi is already doing good for those around her and her service extends beyond people. She has selflessly dedicated hours t ocare for Roy Rogers, a 3-month-old calf who lost his mom as a baby. Lexi awakens daily to bottle-feed Roy Rogers before getting ready for school. And she does it again when she’s home from school.

The family says Lexi has learned to put others’ needs before her own, like when she took it upon herself to bring color and character to classroom doors at Marshall Elementary, or when she donated hair to Locks for Love. There was also the time when she helped assemble and donate goody bags for Valley Children’s Hospital. She has done all of that while staying focused on her academics, her dad says.

Lexi’s achievements are not just praised by family. She has earned six gold Presidential Community Service awards at her school. For those reasons, Lexi’s mom is “over the moon proud” of her daughter.

Lexi’s English teacher, Michelle Reneteria, says Lexi’s possibilities are endless. “Lexi shows her dedication in many areas, not just academics. She is a happy girl with a bright future.”


Age: 13

School: John Sutter Middle School

Home: Fowler

Parents: Lisa and Bill Padgett

Achievements: Lexi a 4.0 GPA student, has been in honor roll in all of her middle school career. She earned six Gold Presidential Community Service awards. She stays busy with 4H and FFA and has been a student leader for seventh and eighth grades. Her love for twirling has earned her several first- and second-place awards as a majorette.


Samantha Villalvazo, 14, Fresno

School: Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Clovis

Parents: Sonia Saldivar and Leland Villalvazo

Achievements: Samantha Villalvazo is the student council president at her school this year, as well as the team captain of the Academic Decathlon team. Her involvement in school activities earned her a first-place award at a science fair, and she has earned places on the Principal’s Honor Roll as well as the Gold Honor Roll. Her teacher describes Villalvazo as “a joy to have in class.” The eighth-grader also takes time to volunteer outside of school, at food pantries and animal shelters.

Evan Forcey, 13, Clovis

School: Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Clovis

Parents: Heather and Eric Forcey

Achievements: Evan Forcey earned the title of “salutatorian” at his school this year. On top of the distinguished academic achievement, Eric is a Student Council Sports Commissioner and an Academic Decathlon team member. He is also an athlete, competing in soccer, basketball, track, flag football and volleyball. Eric is described as a leader who is “serious about faith, education, service and athletics.” He often misses classwork to attend funerals as an altar server, but his teacher says he always makes up for it.