Academic All-Stars

Seventh grade: Alexandria Bella Perkins, John Sutter Middle School

Academic All-Star Alexandria Bella Perkins was a first chair flutist with her school band and competes in multiple sports including softball.
Academic All-Star Alexandria Bella Perkins was a first chair flutist with her school band and competes in multiple sports including softball.

Alexandria Bella Perkins has not missed a day of school in six years. It’s an accomplishment that does not surprise her parents.

“She’s gone to school with a sniffle here and there but she’s the type that she knows it’s important to be there to learn,” says Alexandria’s dad, John Perkins. “It’s something she recognizes on her own.”

Alexandria understands there are benefits that come with being present for activities – academic or otherwise. This spring, she got to perform solos during a band concert as a first chair flutist. The only other thing she loves more than music is history, her dad says.

“She just loves learning how things in the past have changed and evolved,” Perkins says. Once out of college, Alexandria wants to be a history teacher. Her dad fully stands behind that goal and he says he believes Alexandria would be successful at it because she is nurturing, and has an admiration for younger kids.

Alexandria’s English teacher, Janelle Mowry, says Alexandria is a “phenomenal student” who puts much effort in everything she does. “All of her teachers rave about the work that she does and the positive contributions she makes to each class.”

The confidence built around Alexandria likely stems from her adult-like behavior and leadership skills, according to Mowry and Alexandria’s dad. Perkins says his daughter often keeps a calendar for daily tasks and gets her school work done on her own time as she juggles athletics and community service projects.

“She’ll catch up. She does it all by herself,” Perkins proudly says.

Alexandria fits athletic pursuits into her busy schedule. She competes in softball, volleyball and basketball. In softball, she competes on both the school team and with the DC Softball traveling team.

John Perkins says Alexandria has gone from being a once-shy young girl to a strong and loving student. In her dad’s words, Alexandria has a “great heart,” is a “great kid” and is a “good friend to her friends.”


Age: 13

School: John Sutter Middle School

Home: Fowler

Parents: John and Brenda Perkins

Achievements: Alexandria, a 4.0 student, is considered to be a leader among her peers. Aside from her school work, she takes part in outside activities. Alexandria volunteers with the Fowler Mother's Club and with the Parent Teacher Organization, where she assists in school events. She is also a volunteer soccer coach and engages with her community all while managing her academics.


Camila Gonzalez, 13, Fowler

School: Sutter Middle School

Parents: Ana and Martin Gonzalez

Achievements: Camila Gonzalez has learned to play seven different instruments and has logged 25 hours of community service. On top of that, Camila competes in soccer, track, cross country, softball, basketball and swimming. Her teacher, Jennifer Ayon, said Camila is always willing to go the extra mile in independent and group work and is a caring student, displaying the school district’s Big 10 Character traits.

Katelyn Danielle Callahan, 13, Clovis

School: Quail Lake Environmental Charter School

Parents: June and Joseph Callahan

Achievements: Katelyn Danielle Callahan has maintained a 4.0 GPA while actively participating in the Girl Scouts since kindergarten, where she has earned several awards. Katelyn is a mentor for the Leap Program at her school and her mother says she takes that job “very seriously.” Katelyn’s mom said the seventh-grader often volunteers in events that honor the armed forces along with her father, a veteran. Katelyn was born in China and wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up.