Clovis man tries to evade police in their own van

A Clovis man with a "Fast and Furious" driving style and a wish to stay out of jail was apprehended Saturday night after he crashed the police van he stole in an attempt to escape his first arrest of the evening, Clovis police said.

Officer Dave Roseno said Donald Walker, 32, had been arrested on suspicion of burglarizing a vehicle in the 100 block of Ashlan Avenue and was in the police van awaiting a ride to Fresno County Jail. As officers were handling other prisoners, Walker managed to reposition his manacled hands and break the lock on the partition that separated male and female prisoners.

Walker then got out of the van, raised the roll-up door to the booking area, and -- while still handcuffed -- drove off in the van. Officers tried to stop Walker, but were nearly hit as he smashed through the exterior iron gate on Fifth Street in Clovis.

Walker crashed the van several times before ultimately wrecking it in a field. He was found in the 9700 block of Ashlan Avenue with the help of air support and canine units from other local law enforcement agencies.