Man pulls what looks like handgun, officer fires back. Investigation is just beginning

A Fresno police officer fired two shots at a man who pointed what appeared to be a handgun at officers early New Year’s morning.

The man was not struck by the rounds. No one was injured in the incident.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the incident occurred as officers were investigating a report of an early-morning burglary or disturbance at a house near Saginaw Way and College Avenue in central Fresno. Dispatchers received two 911 calls bringing officers to the scene.

Dyer described the incident:

Upon arrival, officers saw a man come out of the house armed with a black handgun and ordered him to drop the weapon. Instead, he pointed it at an officer and a second officer fired at the suspect, missing him, but striking the house. The man then ran back inside and officers surrounded the residence and ordered him to come out, which he did about 5:30 a.m.

The man reportedly told officers he did not believe that they were police when he first came out of the house. Dyer said it appeared that the man was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and he was taken to a hospital for an evaluation of his mental status. Before officers arrived, the man was walking in the neighborhood and may have told a neighbor that someone was breaking into his home.

Dyer indicated officers have many questions to evaluate about the incident, including whether the man was allowed to stay in the home, and whether the gun the man was brandishing is real or a replica. It appeared that the house was in a state of reconstruction. Investigators found two replica guns, possibly air pistols, that look very much like real handguns, inside, the chief said. Also discovered: what appears to be methamphetamine.

Also unknown is what charges the man may face. Dyer indicated charges could include assault with a deadly weapon or something else.

Jim Guy: 559-441-6339, @jimguy27