Dyer says ‘hail of gunfire’ in Fresno may lead to follow-up arrests

Police are investigating what Chief Jerry Dyer on Monday called a “hail of gunfire” fired by New Year’s celebrants that erupted overnight in Fresno.

Dyer said officers are using high-tech equipment to analyze shell casings found near shooting scenes and will follow up, possibly with search warrants, at some homes in the next few days.

Bullets went through houses in two separate incidents and police reported more than 100 gunfire incidents through use of the department’s ShotSpotter tracking system — in both north and south Fresno, as the clock struck midnight.

“People don’t realize, just because they fire that gun, that the bullet has got to come down, and it comes down with tremendous velocity,” said Dyer.

In one arrest related to the gunfire, a drunken man carrying an assault rifle and several hundred rounds of ammunition was arrested early Monday after officers responded to the sound of gunfire in east-central Fresno.

Juan Rolons, 26, was booked on weapons charges. Sgt. James Rossetti reported that officers were close to Olive Avenue and First Street when the gunfire was heard. Rolons was seen carrying the rifle and a canister of ammunition. Rossetti said Rolons was “uncooperative and intoxicated” when he was approached by gang detectives.

He was booked into Fresno County Jail.