Man used Craigslist to find cars – then stole them and robbed the owners, prosecutor says

Christopher Julius Glaude
Christopher Julius Glaude FRESNO POLICE DEPARTMENT

A Fresno man used Craigslist to find his victims so he could steal their car and carjack and rob them at gunpoint, a prosecutor said Monday in opening statements of the man's criminal trial in Fresno County Superior Court.

Prosecutor Robert Veneman-Hughes said Christopher Julius Glaude’s crime spree happened in the fall of 2012. Fresno police caught him in November 2012 after he led officers on a high-speed chase before crashing a stolen car into a home at Ashlan and Polk avenues west of Highway 99.

Glaude, 38, faces 12 charges, including auto theft, burglary, carjacking, and evading police. He has pleaded not guilty.

Christopher Julius Glaude, 38, of Fresno, faces 12 charges, including auto theft, burglary, carjacking, and evading police. He has pleaded not guilty.

In opening statements of Glaude’s trial, Veneman-Hughes said the evidence will prove these allegations:

On Oct. 23, 2012, Glaude found a car being sold on Craigslist and asked the seller if he could test-drive the car. After Glaude drove the car, the seller, who was sitting in the passenger seat, got out. Glaude then took off in the car.

A few days later, Glaude and Savana Meeker kicked in a door of a home and burglarized it.

Then on Oct. 26, 2012, Glaude was caught by the California Highway Patrol driving a second stolen car. He was booked into jail, but correctional officers released him four days later because of overcrowding, the prosecutor said.

The crime spree ended on Nov. 12, 2012, when Glaude used Craigslist to find another car seller. He pretended to be a mechanic and asked to take the car for a test drive. While on the test drive, he pointed a long black gun that looked like a revolver, but turned out to be a pellet gun, at the seller.

Glaude stole the victim’s Honda near Dakota and Weber avenues and robbed the victim of his wallet, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutor said Glaude tried to run away, but was quickly apprehended by a police dog.

Once Glaude drove off, the victim reported the carjacking to police and officers spotted the carjacked Honda about 20 minutes later. Glaude led police on a high-speed chase on Ashlan Avenue, reaching speeds of 80 mph, before he lost control and crashed into a house, Veneman-Hughes said.

Glaude ran but was quickly apprehended by a police dog, the prosecutor said.

Police later arrested Meeker for her role in Glaude’s crime spree. Meeker, now 24, was convicted of burglary and robbery and sentenced to prison. She is listed as a prosecution witness.

The trial in Judge Arlan Harrell’s courtroom is expected to take two weeks.

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