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Grizzlies face a big challenge

Enter the Warzone, where you'll always get one version of the truth.

  • Based on the caustic Internet comments and negative e-mails in our in-box regarding the Fresno Grizzlies, most readers are not buying into the team's new management and marketing strategy.

We're going to reserve judgment (on both) until next season. But, clearly, this will be an uphill battle -- of Climb to Kaiser proportions.

  • Given our low tolerance for ... uh, bovine stool, it was refreshing to hear Grizzlies general partner Brian Glover state in plain English the changes were brought about by the need to put more butts in seats.
  • Here's the next step: Disclose how many tickets last season were purchased with actual money and how many were freebies.
  • It's dumbfounding that folks still cling to the absurd notion that fans won't attend games at Chukchansi Park because the stadium wasn't built in north Fresno or Clovis.

Guess all those nights we spent watching basketball at a sold-out Selland Arena are just figments of our imagination.

  • There's no proof the Colorado Rockies are switch- ing out baseballs that haven't been stored in the humidor, but the one Tim Lincecum discarded the other night was so dry it had salt stains.
  • If Pablo Sandoval (who suddenly can't hit or field) doesn't start next season at Triple-A Fresno, it's only because the San Francisco Giants are making too much money off Panda hats.
  • Looks like we were a little premature touting Fresno State's new-and-improved defense.

The way Ole Miss moved up and down the field, we thought we were watching New Mexico Bowl reruns.

  • Shame that Kevin "Robo Leg" Goessling's field-goal streak had to end because someone forgot to block.
  • The only way those Comcast Sports South announcers could've been more biased is if they wore Confederate flag blazers.
  • Heading north on 99, it's impossible not to notice that Bulldogs billboard featuring Devon Wylie (out for the season), Lorne Bell (arm in a sling) and Chris Carter.

For Carter's sake, we hope he looks both ways before crossing the street.

  • For no particular reason: Travis DeManby.
  • Congrats to the Fresno Pacific volleyball team for its amazing streak of 119 straight home wins.

Equally amazing is why other teams still bother showing up.

  • Amazing how many people call the newspaper to find out where the Bulldogs are playing ... on television.

Guess there's still a need for journalists after all.