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Clovis triathlete trains 7 days a week

Activity: Triathlon

Resides: Clovis

Occupation: Clovis East High algebra teacher and gymnastics coach

Milestones: Lynn has won numerous triathlons, including local events at Shaver Lake and Millerton Lake as well as out-of-state races in Fergus Falls, Minn.; Lakeview, Ore.; McCall, Idaho; and Prince George, British Columbia.

Background: A swimmer at Clovis High, Lynn (formerly Shelly Cody) got into triathlons in the early 1990s at Fresno State, where she helped start the school's triathlon club.

Memories: Long before that, Lynn did her triathlon -- well, sort of -- when she was 10. In her backyard.

"I swam a few laps in my pool, hopped on my bike and rode to the corner and back, then ran to the corner," she recalls. "I was like, 'Oh, I can do this.' "

Training: Lynn typically trains seven days a week.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she swims at 5 a.m. with the Clovis Masters. Tuesday mornings, she does a bike-run "brick." Thursday mornings are for running speed work. Saturday, she does her long ride (about 2 hours). Sunday, she does her long run (about 8 miles). And once a week after school, she finds time to fit in an afternoon ride.

"Your body gets a complete workout," she says.

Sprints: Lynn's speciality, the sprint distance, typically involves a 800-yard swim, 12- to 15-mile bike and a 5-kilometer run. It's an all-out effort for about an hour.

"You don't have to put in hours and hours of training," she says. "Plus, I do most of my races when [husband] Jeff [Lynn, a Fresno County deputy sheriff] and I are on vacation, so you want to leave time for other things."

Competitive fire: With her swimming background -- she also works as weekend lifeguard at Millerton Lake -- Lynn is typically first out of the water. The trick is staying there.

"You just try to catch people," she says. "Sometimes you see a person ahead of you and think, 'OK, they're mine.' It puts the pain out of your head."

Older, better: Something funny happened about five years ago. Instead of just being competitive in her age group, Lynn started winning races. She's now a podium fixture.

"I'm a faster swimmer, a faster biker and a faster runner than I was 10 years ago," she says. "There's not many sports where you can keep improving into your late 30s. That's pretty cool."

Quote of note: "It's really just a healthy lifestyle, and through it I've met so many close friends. It gets you out of bed, and I'm faster than my students."