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Yet another Clovis West coach

Enter the Warzone, the back-row heckler who never shuts up.

  • Best of luck to Mike Parsons, who this past week became the fifth football coach in five seasons at Clovis West High.

    A little unsolicited advice: Rent, don't buy.
  • Based on the moaning we've read about a Central Section realignment plan that forces more schools into Division I, where they'll have to contend with (gasp) Clovis Unified, sounds like some coaches are more worried about polishing their résumés than teaching life lessons.
  • Sorry, but a school with 2,000 students going up against one with 2,700 in no way constitutes "a huge disadvantage."

    You want a huge disadvantage? Try China vs. Luxembourg.
  • Read where Fresno State's share of the BCS windfall will come out to about $550,000.Guess that means we'll have women's lacrosse for another year.
  • What a fabulous job Adrian Wiggins is doing as Bulldogs women's basketball coach.Especially for a guy athletic director Thomas Boeh didn't want to hire.
  • Kurt Warner's retirement brought back memories of Oct. 10, 1999.

    We were in St. Louis that day, notebook in hand, when Warner completed 20 of 23 passes for 323 yards and five touchdowns in a 42-20 thrashing of the San Francisco 49ers. His laser-pointer accuracy, coupled with a release quicker than Stalin's temper, made believers of a lot of people.
  • Yes, Warner's a Hall of Famer. Forget those five mediocre seasons from 2002-06. The guy led the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl. 'Nuff said.
  • Anyone planning to watch today's Pro Bowl? Didn't think so.
  • If you aren't already angry at NBC for the "Tonight Show" fiasco, here comes more ammo:

    Next month's Winter Olympics will be tape delayed on the West Coast, meaning most of the good stuff (read: actual competition, not sappy vignettes) won't air until long after you've put the kids to bed.
  • Snowboarder Shaun White, whose flowing red locks and toothy grin you'll have to fly to Madagascar to escape, no longer wants to be called the "Flying Tomato."

    Bet he won't like "Soaring Corporate Shill" either.
  • For no particular reason: Latrell Sprewell
  • Ever get the feeling the traffic lights in downtown Fresno are set to turn red whenever the car you're driving gets within half a block?
  • Looking forward to Thursday's Hot Stove Banquet featuring Fresno Grizzlies manager Steve Decker and catcher Buster Posey. (Call (559) 320-2547 for ticket info.)

Decker might just be the San Francisco Giants' next manager and Posey their next superstar. Hey, long-suffering fans can dream.