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Clovis Unified is spinning and spending

A common definition for the term "spin doctor" is someone paid to convince us that things are different than they appear. One local example would be last year's Measure A bond sponsored by the Clovis Unified School District. Their initial justification for needing the $298 million bond issue was based on a need to repair existing facilities.

Now, approximately one year later, we find a number of new buildings under construction and a massive districtwide solar panel project that, in itself, must represent a massive investment. They are being called "modernization" projects that will improve mind, body and spirit. The Clovis Unified spin doctor must have worked really hard to come up with that one, particularly when one of the projects involves enlarging an administration building on one campus.

In a few years, Clovis Unified will be back again with its hand out. Hopefully, voters will remember that what district officials say is usually not what they really mean.

Paul Pratt