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Accused Clovis marble shooter says targeted cars kept him awake

A Clovis man accused of firing marbles at vehicles with a slingshot early Wednesday told Fresno County sheriff's deputies the drivers were disturbing his sleep.

Edward Arthur Gill, 59, was taken into custody at a trailer off Tollhouse Road in the Academy area, east of Clovis.

Spokesman Chris Curtice said deputies first were called to a home in the 1500 block of East Alluvial Avenue, where a woman said her driver's-side window was shot out while driving down Tollhouse.

Deputies learned that another driver had a window shattered on Tollhouse Road and that one of the victims was injured by broken glass.

Deputies found broken glass on Tollhouse Road, then contacted Gill. At the trailer, they found the slingshot, live ammunition, a barrel of gunpowder and reloading material, Curtice said.

Gill was booked on felony charges.