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Yes, it's hot! New record for June 8 in Fresno: 108

Even record-setting heat doesn’t bother Clovis resident Dave Lopez.

Good thing.

On Saturday — when the thermometer peaked at 108, the highest temperature ever recorded in Fresno on June 8 — Lopez ran five miles about 10 a.m., milled around at the Old Town Flea Market in Clovis by midday and planned to attend a relative’s outdoor wedding in the evening.

“I love the heat,” Lopez, 54, said, noting that his morning run felt good.

His wife, Kimi Lopez, 44, chimed in: “This is a crazy man.”

The Lopezes were among those who ventured outdoors and found places to enjoy their Saturday while coping with the second day of a mini-heat wave that is baking the Valley.

Saturday’s high was the hottest day of the year and broke the record of 105 for the date set in 1973, the National Weather Service in Hanford said. The normal high for June 8 was 90.

Friday’s high in Fresno was 101, the same temperature forecast for june9today. Temperatures will drop noticeably Monday with a high of 89 predicted for Fresno, the weather service said. Highs should be in the low to mid-90s for the rest of the workweek.

Saturday’s record high was no big deal to Dave Lopez. Being raised in the Valley acclimated him to triple-digit days, he said.

“Long-sleeve shirt and hat,” he said. “I’m good to go.”

Producers of the inaugural Old Town Flea Market at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds did their best to cool off customers. About half of the vendors were in an air-conditioned building, and outdoor displays were scattered among trees. Large fans were also set up.

The heat didn’t dissuade people from attending the flea market, co-producer Julie Gomes said. She had hoped for 1,000 people Saturday. By 11 a.m., three hours after the gates opened, the head count was 2,500. The two-day event continues june9today.

“We had a mob of people this morning,” she said.

Walking around the flea market, Sherry Peveto said Saturday’s heat wasn’t as uncomfortable as the humidity of Louisiana, where she was born and raised.

“Once you get in the sun, it’s a little scorching, but we just wanted to come and look around,” said the 45-year-old Fresno resident, who conceded she would probably hit a pool later in the day.

At the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, about 1,300 people were expected to walk through the doors Saturday, down from a typical weekend-day attendance of 2,000, said Mark Halvorsen, an assistant curator.

The zoo, with plenty of misters and shade, is accommodating to visitors on a hot day, especially in the air-conditioned reptile building and the outdoor rain forest, where the trees and misting system keep the area cool, he said.

Animals that are sensitive to heat stay indoors, every exhibit has shade, and the elephants and other animals are sprayed regularly with water, Halvorsen said.

Kristi Cromwell, 23, was glad she drove her 4-year-old son, A.J., from their Bakersfield home to spend the day at the zoo.

She said the heat wasn’t too bad. A.J. said he was happy to see his favorite animal — the giraffe.

“He’s having a good time,” Cromwell said.

At Island Waterpark, about 2,000 people beat the heat by cooling off at the Santé medical group company picnic.

Samantha Jourdan, cq22, said the record high made Saturday a good day to be at the water park.

“What more can you ask for?” the Fresno resident said. “Swimming, family, friends. It’s awesome.”

The heat didn’t seem to bother 5-year-old Justin Morana of Clovis who when asked whether he was having fun smiled, gave a thumbs-up and said, “Perfect.”