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Bicyclist injured in collision with vehicle at Clovis trail crossing

A helmet likely saved a bicyclist from serious injury when she collided with a car and struck the vehicle's windshield while crossing a Clovis street Thursday morning, police said.

The collision happened about 8 a.m. on the trail at Alluvial Avenue near Peach Avenue.

Traffic in both directions on Alluvial was stopped for the flashing lights and a southbound pedestrian who appeared to be crossing. Instead, the pedestrian turned west. An eastbound driver saw the pedestrian turn and proceeded across the trail just as the 52-year-old bicyclist was crossing northbound, police said.

The Toyota Camry and the bicycle collided, throwing the bicyclist onto the hood and then into the windshield, cracking her helmet and punching a hole in windshield, police said. The bicyclist sustained leg and ankle injuries and facial cuts. She was taken to Clovis Community Medical Center for treatment.