Clovis News

Word on the street: Clovis lab tests medical pot

A medical marijuana testing facility opened in Clovis last month.

Co-owner Doug Archibald said the facility allows patients and doctors to know the potency of the marijuana so the right dosage can be taken. The lab also makes sure the marijuana does not contain anything unhealthy, such as salmonella, mold or E. coli.

"Just like how you have to test everything under the sun that goes into your body, this has to be tested," he said. "We're filling a role that the FDA is not going to fill for right now."

The facility does not recommend patients or distribute cannabis, which Archibald said separates the lab from legal battles surrounding the legalization of medical marijuana.

Marijuana was authorized for medical use in California in 1996 but is not legal under federal law. It can be used to treat symptoms from a variety of ailments, including cancer, AIDS, chronic pain, arthritis or migraines.

Archibald said the team at Lighthouse Labs has experience training hazardous-materials teams, as well as police and fire personnel, on how to identify such materials.

One-gram samples are tested for $99 and may be sent to 55 Shaw Ave., Suite 218, in Clovis by a ground mailing service that is not U.S. mail. Mailing by USPS or by air falls under federal jurisdiction.

Lighthouse Labs joins fewer than 20 testing facilities in the state and has plans to join the Association of California Cannabis Laboratories, which currently includes CW Analytical, Pure Analytics, and Steep Hill Laboratories.

Big & Tall shop closes

Michael's Big & Tall, a men's clothing store on Blackstone Avenue that offers larger sizes, is closing at the end of the month.

Manager Jonathan Gonzalez said the owner had looked into buying a newer, less expensive location farther south but did not get the deal he was hoping for on the lease. The store is now unlikely to open a new location.

Michael's Big & Tall at 5135 N. Blackstone Ave. is the store's only location in Fresno. There is another location in Bakersfield.

There's an app for that

The Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau is using a new mobile application that helps visitors and locals find things to do in the area.

The Fresno App is available for free for the iPhone through the iTunes Apple Store and will soon be available for other smartphones and tablets.

Eric Tienken, co-founder of !YALP Brands, a Fresno branding and online marketing company, got the bureau's permission to create the app as an entry in the recent 59 Days of Code: Web & Mobile Application Showcase and Conference.

Users can search events, lodging, historic sites, weather and other categories. They can map their location and find churches nearby, for example. Tienken hopes to expand the app to other cities.