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Man killed while inspecting car on Hwy. 99

One man was killed and a second suffered major injuries Thursday evening when they were hit by a car while standing near a disabled vehicle on Highway 99 south of Belmont Avenue in Fresno.

The two men were riding in a Chevrolet when a tire blew out about 6:30 p.m., the California Highway Patrol said.

The unidentified victim, 22, and Cesar Padua, 40, both of Fresno, got out of the car – which was on the right shoulder – to check the left-side tire.

As the men were standing next to the Chevrolet, Veronica Cervantes, 31, of Kerman was approaching in a Pontiac in the right lane. The CHP said Cervantes slowed and began to move into the center lane.

At the same time, a Honda driven by Laura Ramirez, 27, of Clovis was approaching the back of the Pontiac. The CHP said Ramirez saw the two men and also tried to shift into the center lane, but then noticed that the Pontiac had slowed. Ramirez tried to avoid the Pontiac and lost control of the Honda.

The right side of the Honda hit the back of the disabled Chevrolet and the front of the Honda hit the two men before colliding with the Pontiac.