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Lee Brand breaks collar bone in bike spill

Fresno City Council President Lee Brand broke his collar bone last weekend while riding his bicycle on Friant Road near Ball Ranch.

Brand said he and a group of other bicyclists were returning to Fresno after a ride of 40 to 50 miles Saturday morning when the cyclist in front of him suddenly slowed. Brand said they were traveling at about 20 miles per hour when the front tire of his bike hit the back tire of the other cyclist. Brand said he lost control and was slammed into the road.

"I've never been in so much pain in my life," said Brand, 62. "Fortunately, there were no cars coming. If there had been, I'd be dead."

Brand said a family acquaintance whom he hadn't seen in years happened to drive by and saw the trouble. Brand said the man took him and his undamaged bike to Brand's home. Brand said his son took him to Clovis Community Hospital.

"There are always Good Samaritans out there," Brand said.

Brand had his right arm in a sling at this morning's council hearing on next year's budget.