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Buchanan High grad among 'Bachelorette' suitors

Ashley Hebert is being very cautious about revealing details about her turn as the woman looking for love in ABC's latest round of "The Bachelorette."

She will say that her ideal man would be someone who is loyal and trustworthy, a family man who could make her "feel like a woman wants to feel."

Her quest starts tonight as she meets the 25 potential soul mates -- including Buchanan High School graduate Ryan Park.

Maybe Park has a chance. The 31-year-old solar energy executive's online profile lists Thanksgiving as his favorite holiday because his family has a tradition of getting together and traveling to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Park arrives with all of the other contenders that are a crazy mix of personalities. There's a kissing chef, a Wall Street banker who brings ballet tickets, a winery owner who offers special vintage wine, a former professional baseball player and a mysterious mask-wearing bachelor.

"I didn't go into it with low expectations; I just didn't know what to expect," Hebert says. "After the bachelors walked out of the limo, I was blown away. They were gorgeous. I have some great guys. Personally, I think this is the best guys they've ever had."

Park could very well be one of the leading contenders after the opener. Press information says that "a successful and upbeat solar energy executive is the first to get alone time with her and manages to calm her fears that the men won't like her."

Hebert knows what the suitors are going through because she was one of the bachelorettes who tried to win over Brad Womack on the 15th edition of "The Bachelor."

Why she and Womack didn't eventually click might be a clue to the kind of man the 26-year-old dental student wants to find. She says that Womack was older and settled into his ways, which meant he was looking for someone to fit into his life. The Philadelphia resident says she wanted something different.

Park is seven years younger than Womack.

Hebert initially jumped at the idea of being the next bachelorette when ABC called, but she began to have doubts after her appearance on "The Bachelor" made her look needy. She wants to show who she really is this time, and she's taking it very seriously.

"When I was on 'The Bachelor,' I had nothing to lose. Walking into this one, it's more serious and there's a lot more things I have to figure out. I knew going into it I would have a whole new set of hard times. I didn't expect it to be as difficult as it was," Hebert says.

By the end of tonight's episode, Hebert will have 18 men left to compete for her heart. Hebert went into the on-network dating game with one objective: "To make sure I left without any regrets."