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Clovis call center postpones training

A Clovis call center has hired more than 500 people since a weeklong recruitment event in October. But training that was to begin Monday for the most recent batch of would-be employees was abruptly postponed.

Workers who were hired as recently as April 12 for jobs at the Ryla call center were told Friday that their training classes were being put on hold.

"We didn't have the need to start the new-hire classes [Monday]," said Danel Kulhmann, a spokeswoman for Alorica Inc. Ryla is the division of Alorica that took over the call center last fall.

Kuhlmann said postponement is due to the volume and seasonal nature of business for Ryla clients.

"We apologize for any hardship or inconvenience" the late notice of the cancellation created for the trainees, Kuhlmann said. She said she didn't know when the class would be rescheduled and the trainees put on the payroll. "But as soon as we do, those individuals will be given priority," she said.