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Yogurt shops melt in Fresno

The frozen yogurt landscape is changing in the Fresno area, with three shops frozen out of the market and one new flavor in town.

And if those puns weren't cheesy enough, there's actual cheese involved too -- grilled cheese. The Big Swirl frozen yogurt shop that opened at Cedar and Shaw avenues includes The Big Cheese, which sells a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches.

The former Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt shop was located in that space, but the owners "were in trouble with the business" and approached The Big Swirl, said Chin Muthumala, operations manager and one of several owners of The Big Swirl.

They bought the business and opened April 14. The Big Swirl has four other locations in California and Arizona.

This is the first location that experimented with grilled cheese sandwiches. It makes up for the slowdown in sales of frozen yogurt during the winter months, Muthumala said.

The menu includes the basic grilled cheese, and various versions of the sandwich, including The Big Greek sandwich with feta cheese, kalamata olives and spinach.

The other Tutti Frutti location, at Palm and Nees avenues, also closed and a new unnamed tenant may soon take over, according to a shopping center official.

The TCBY on Shaw Avenue near Willow Avenue in Clovis also closed recently.