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Valley news of the week -- April 3-9

The man who will fill one of the highest-profile jobs in the Valley -- Fresno State basketball coach -- was met with a mixture of cheers and wait-and-see attitudes. Chess champions from Mendota got nothing but cheers. Bullard High parents intent on a breakaway got a lot of jeers. And an entire Valley grieved for two Navy officers killed in a jet crash.

Here are the top stories of the past week, along with selected comments posted by readers on

Bulldogs hire basketball coach

What happened: Fresno State ended a three-week search by introducing Rodney Terry as the Bulldogs' men's basketball coach. He replaces Steve Cleveland, who was reassigned after six seasons at the helm.

What it means: Terry will be asked to reinvigorate a program that has struggled to win (four straight losing seasons) and perhaps more importantly, has struggled to fill the Save Mart Center. But his résumé -- career college assistant coach including the past nine at University of Texas -- means he doesn't have a proven track record.

What readers said:

"Congratulations coach Terry! How did you fool Fresno when so many before us turned you down? You were waiting nine years for just the right situation. Yeah right. What did the others know that our bumpkins from Ohio couldn't see? Maybe Boeh's continuing ability to think small was your saving grace. It's great to have the asst. coach nobody else wanted."

-- poundagain

"He seems to offer Cleveland's integrity and Lopes' likelihood of victory. Welcome aboard and good luck, Rodney!"

-- b2burns

"We are with you coach: Win Or Tie..but do not tie too much..:-)"

-- yokohlman

Bullard boosters look for partner

What happened: A group of Bullard High parents who want to secede from Fresno Unified revealed that they have a name for their proposed new district (Van Ness Unified) and an area they'd like to bond with -- Fresno High.

What it means: The push to partner with Fresno High apparently is aimed at cultivating that area's large Hispanic population; diversity would help the proposed new district gain government support. But Fresno High parent leaders say they're unmoved.

What readers said:

"As a Bullard alum, I think it is a total waste of time to try to get Fresno High to join the new district. How in the world does anyone expect FRESNO HIGH to leave FRESNO UNIFIED? As the oldest high school in Fresno with a rich tradition, I don't think Fresno Unified is going to let Fresno High leave. (You might as well try to get CLOVIS HIGH to join Fresno Unified.) Isn't Hoover High School diverse, also, if that is what Bullard is looking for? Try them. Maybe Clovis West would also be willing to join ... Then maybe "North Fresno School District" would be a better name."

-- JordanKnight

"Van Ness school district is a pretty poor choice of name. Picking the richest street in town as the name, when there are already accusations of the group being motivated by a desire to get the poor transfer students out of Bullard was not very smart. Also, I think Fresno High is on Echo, not Van Ness. Both schools are on Palm though..."

Crash kills officers

What happened: A fighter jet from Lemoore Naval Air Station crashes while training, killing both officers on board.

What readers said:

"God Bless ... "

-- HuronCa