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Pelco to take on new name: Schneider

Pelco, the Clovis-based maker of closed-circuit video gear, is changing its name to reflect its corporate ownership.

From its building and business cards to its website, Fresno County's largest manufacturer is taking the name of Schneider Electric, the company that bought it in 2007.

The "rebranding" becomes official Monday morning with a sign unveiling at the company's plant on Pelco Way in the Clovis Industrial Park.

"I think our employees understand why it's happening, but it's still probably going to be emotional for people who have been there longer," said Dean Meyer, Pelco's CEO from 2008 until his promotion this year to executive vice president of Schneider's Building Business. "It's a name change; it doesn't change our commitment to the community or anything we're doing."

Meyer said it's part of doing business globally. In years of acquisitions, Schneider Electric had accumulated 120 name brands worldwide. Over the past few years, the company has streamlined to 10 brands to strengthen its identity.

But the Pelco name is not being completely erased. Its products, known internationally in the video-surveillance industry, will continue to be sold under the Pelco label.

"We recognize the value of the Pelco brand," he said. "There is no more Pelco company name, but the products will still be branded as Pelco by Schneider Electric. ... That says a lot about the strength of the brand."

Founded in 1957, Pelco moved from Gardena to Fresno in 1982, then to Clovis five years later.

While Pelco customers will see no differences in products or service structures, the name change may be jarring in Clovis, where Pelco has been a corporate icon.

"We want to celebrate what we've done in Clovis for more than 20 years, but this is the way of the new global world," Meyer said. "There's a lot of leverage being part of a $20 billion company."

Clovis Mayor Harry Armstrong said he's not surprised at Schneider's planned name change for Pelco.

"It makes sense," Armstrong said. Schneider "is a strong name around the world and naturally they would want to promote their name instead of Pelco."