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Clovis Avenue PG&E pipeline draws concerns

Residents and business owners along a stretch of Clovis Avenue where Pacific Gas & Electric has identified a high-priority pipeline said Tuesday they are concerned but not fearful of a fatal explosion like the one that rocked San Bruno.

"I'm not dwelling on it or worried about coming to work," said Joan Sherwood, owner of a pet-grooming business on Clovis Avenue south of Ashlan Avenue near Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

She hopes PG&E pays attention to the natural gas line, which is on a list of the 100 highest-priority pipelines that the utility company made public Monday.

Another business owner in the area said he is not overly concerned.

"It doesn't really bother me," said Tim Taylor, owner of Tarpey Adult Center. "To be honest with you, there's not a hell of a lot I can do about it."

The pipeline along Clovis Avenue -- and others on the list -- do not pose an imminent danger, said Jeff Smith, a PG&E spokesman.

The list, which is prepared annually, is used by PG&E to prioritize future pipeline replacement or upgrade projects, he said.

The Clovis Avenue pipeline was cited because of its potential for corrosion.

Any pipeline posing a safety hazard would be repaired immediately, not placed on a list, Smith said.

Resident Rose Gonzales did wonder why she and others living and working in the area were not notified that the nearby pipeline was on PG&E's list.

Smith said the list is prepared each year but is not always made public. PG&E released the list because customers asked for it after the San Bruno explosion and fire this month.

Gonzales also wanted to know the pipeline location, when it was last inspected and how old it is. Knowing that the pipeline was on the list "makes me nervous," she said.

The exact locations are not released for safety and security reasons; lines are inspected annually, Smith said. He did not know when the Clovis Avenue pipeline was installed.

Gonzales still is wary of living so close to a gas pipeline that is on a high-priority list: "Did those people in San Bruno think they were in imminent danger?"

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