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Word on the Street: New owner at wine store

Sean Dunn, the former production manager of Water 2 Wine, has taken over as its new owner.

The wine store, at 1295 Shaw Ave., is in the Sierra Pavilions Shopping Center across from Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis.

The store's former owners, Dan and Shauna Miller, left the business to spend more time with their family, giving Dunn the opportunity to run his own store.

"This was a very good opportunity to operate an established business with extremely good clientele and an extremely good product," Dunn said.

Although Valley wine lovers have other options, such as Vino 100, Bella Vino Cellar and The Tasting Room, Water 2 Wine's concept is different.

Customers can make their own wines. They do everything from selecting the variety of grapes to making their own custom labels. The wine is fermented for 45 days and customers end up with 28 bottles of their own wine.

Dunn said his customers vary from novices to die-hard wine drinkers.

"The process is really quite simple and the wine is really very good," Dunn said.

Oiling up a second site

After seven years at their original location at Chestnut and McKinley avenues in Fresno, the owners of Xpress Lube are seeing business increase at their latest location just a few miles to the south.

Joe Arreola, who co-owns the business with Ron Mehling, are three months into their second store, on the northeast corner of Chestnut Avenue and Kings Canyon Road, in southeast Fresno. There, a crew of five employees focuses on the art of the quick-change when it comes to changing engine oil, oil filters and chassis lubes, as well as checking other filters, belts and hoses under the hood.

"Our main business is the 10-minute oil change," said Arreola, who has about 20 years in the auto service industry. "We want to get people in and out quickly and get them back on their way."

The phone number at the Kings Canyon/Chestnut location is (559) 251-1800. Xpress Lube is the latest in a string of oil-and-lube businesses that have come and gone at the site in recent years.

Arreola said he and Mehling chose to open there while waiting for Fresno city officials to approve permits to build a new shop from the ground up at a third location planned for Willow and Nees avenues in northeast Fresno. Arreola said the partners hope to open that store in the next six to seven months.

A change in nails

Lisa Bowles has opened a new nail salon in Old Town Clovis specializing in an alternative nail product known as Forzé Polymer.

The salon, called New Nail Creations, opened at 1606 Clovis Ave. two months ago. Bowles does manicures and pedicures and teaches nail technicians about safety in the nail care industry.

Bowles even wrote a book about the dangerous chemicals found in some types of nail products. The book is called, "Nail Care Nightmares: The truth behind the beauty." For more information, visit

The polymer product doesn't have any known toxins and is safe for pregnant women or those who have allergic reactions to other nail products, she said.