Clovis News

Word on the Street: Family gets slice of Clovis pizza biz

A longtime passion for pizza inspired the Delgado family to open Jake's Pizzeria in Clovis.

Brothers Jeremy and Jake Delgado, and Jeremy's wife, Veronica, have been running the pizzeria since June on Clovis Avenue near Herndon Avenue.

The brothers have worked in various pizza restaurants for years, said Veronica Delgado.

"Hey, let's try something on our own," she said they finally decided.

They spent weeks testing their own recipes for sauce and dough. The menu also includes calzone, breadsticks and sandwiches.

Customers can dine in at the 2,200-square-foot business or get take out.

The trio wanted to keep prices low enough so customers could eat there about once a week, she said.

"We know what it is to be a family and want to go out to eat," she said.

The restaurant joins a crowded field of other pizza restaurants in the city, including Pizza Guys just up Clovis Avenue and nearby Pizza Hut.

Burgers to flip flops

A Fresno native is shipping hamburger phones and sheepskin flip flops from a warehouse in Fresno. Alex Vartan, a 1998 San Joaquin Memorial graduate, sells the products and recently started his third business selling living wreaths made from succulent plants.

Vartan lives in San Francisco, but family members in the Fresno area double as employees and handle the shipping. The phones and flip flops are manufactured in China before they are shipped to Fresno.

Both are sold online for now ( and, but Vartan plans to have them in stores soon.

The hamburger-shaped phone was a prop used by the main character in the film "Juno." The sandals were created on a chilly day when Vartan, a Stanford University student at the time, couldn't decide between his comfortable flip flops and warm sheepskin slippers. He combined them, inventing flip flops with fuzzy soles to keep his feet warm.

Vartan, who once worked at Google, handles all three businesses on top of his current job at Airbnb, which allows homeowners to rent out space in their homes to travelers.

New mattress store

Tom Pearson has opened GemTex, a store selling mattress toppers made from latex and the semi-precious gemstone tourmaline.

The store opened in March at the southwest corner of Cedar and Shields in Fresno.

Pearson said the tourmaline in the mattress toppers produces negative ions that can improve the health of people who use the mattresses.