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Clovis man leaves 'Bachelorette' optimistic

Kasey Kahl tried everything from singing serenades to getting a tattoo to win the heart of Ali Fedotowsky on ABC's "The Bachelorette." Those efforts fell short, and he was eliminated last week.

Kahl's efforts became comedy fodder for television shows and online sites. Terms like crazy, weird, strange and creepy have been used to describe the 27-year-old Clovis advertising account executive.

"I stay away from the online stuff, blogs and tabloids," Kahl says. "People can have their opinions and make their own judgements. I am just enjoying all of the attention. Negative or positive, it's all the same."

Kahl is generally happy with the way he came across on the show.

There were a few moments -- like the singing -- where the scene was edited. He says he didn't just launch into a song but was playing a rhyming game with Fedotowsky.

And he had some trouble expressing his feelings. But, overall he calls his time on the show "an awesome experience."

It's the tattoo on his right forearm -- a shield in front of a rose (the symbol of the reality show) and a heart -- that gets people's attention and prompts questions.

Kahl says it was his idea, not prodding from producer, to get the tattoo. During the show, he told the other bachelors that he had been burned instead of revealing the artwork -- because he didn't want anyone to tell Fedotowsky before he could reveal it to her.

He has no regrets about the tattoo. He says he got it as much for himself as for Fedotowsky. The inkwork, he says, will show that he's willing to guard the heart of anyone he loves.

As for going on the reality show, Kahl believes he gave it his best shot.

"I have had bad relationships. I came on to show to be open and vulnerable," he says.

The problem was trying to find the right words. At one point, Fedotowsky told Kahl he should take a step back and be more real.

Kahl felt he had a shot at winning. But he was eliminated during a two-on-one date in Iceland when Fedotowsky picked professional wrestler Justin Rego. In tonight's episode, it will be revealed that Rego has had a girlfriend from the beginning.

Kahl doesn't think that information would have changed things for him, even if it had been revealed a week earlier, because he and Fedotowsky never connected.

"I don't think I was what she was looking for. I wanted it to be there. It was noble and sweet and kind of her to let me go," Kahl says.

Now Kahl's back in the dating world. There's "a really good friend" he says he's talking to -- but he's taking it slow.

That's because Kahl comes away from the reality show experience a little smarter about life and love.

"I learned that no matter what happens in life, no matter what people may say, in the long run I'm just going to live life and enjoy every second I can," Kahl says.

"Someone's out there."