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Clovis City Council OKs budget

The Clovis City Council approved a $157.9 million budget tonight for the new year beginning July 1.

The city’s $51.7 million general fund has a revenue shortfall of between $2 million and $2.5 million in the coming year. The city hopes to close the gap with employee concessions and other budget reductions.

The general fund, which comes from property and sales tax revenues, pays for police, firefighters, recreation, some parks and senior services.

City officials and council members continue to negotiate with the city’s fire, police and public works unions for salary cuts of 2.8% for employees.

This year’s concessions are less than the 4.34% reduction two years ago and the 5.74% cut last year.Employee concessions will total about $750,000.

Tonight, council members approved cuts to their salaries and benefits. City administrative staff already took a 2.8% cut. Council members will pay more of the cost of their retirement plan, saving the city $37.47 per month or a total of $2,248 for the year.