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Life term for murder of Clovis couple

Surrounded by relatives, Phillip Woodley stood alone Monday in Fresno County Superior Court, where he received two life prison terms for murdering his father and stepmother nearly five years ago.

Tensions ran high as relatives and friends of the slain elderly couple verbally attacked the 56-year-old Woodley, in hopes of getting him to confess.

Some of them wanted him to get the death penalty.

A shackled Woodley didn't even twitch.

Judge Gary Hoff told the gallery he understood their quest to seek justice, revenge and a confession from Woodley. But the judge said the law allows Woodley to remain silent.

The Woodleys were found dead inside their Ashlan Avenue home in Tarpey Village on July 22, 2005. Roy Woodley, 73, was stabbed 28 times. Angie Woodley, 71, was stabbed 14 times.

A jury in April took three hours to convict Phillip Woodley of two counts of first-degree murder, as well as robbery and burglary.

Monday, Hoff granted Woodley's request to look at the relatives who blasted him.

Woodley also informed Hoff that he would be making a statement, but when his time came, he told the judge: "No, I'm good."

During his sentencing, several relatives appeared frustrated with Woodley's apparent lack of emotion.

"I hope you rot in hell where you belong," said Angela Gonzales, one of Angie Woodley's children.

Her son, Chris Gonzales, and others asked Hoff to sentence Woodley to death. But Hoff said that option wasn't available to him under the law.

During the trial, jurors learned that Woodley smoked "ice," a pure form of methamphetamine.

A friend of his, Jeffrey Rancour, testified for the prosecution, telling jurors that Woodley hated his father, killed him and his stepmother in a drug-induced rage and stole from them to feed his drug habit.

In May, Rancour, 31, was sentenced to 18 years in prison after pleading no contest to two counts of manslaughter, residential robbery and receiving stolen property. He was charged with manslaughter for witnessing the killings and doing nothing.

On Monday, relatives said the Woodleys liked to camp with friends and host parties at their home.

Eva Plascencia and Joyce Arriola tearfully tried to get their brother to admit he killed his father and stepmother.

The sisters said the murders were gruesome enough, but their brother made it worse when he accepted an American flag on the family's behalf at their father's funeral.

"You have a Jekyll and Hyde personality," Plascencia told her brother. "What you did was sick and pathetic."