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Clovis council cuts pay for some city workers

Clovis City Council members cut salaries for some employees Monday to save money -- and agreed to cut their own take-home pay, as well.

As budget problems continue, the city will be cutting all employees' salaries by 2.8% for the coming budget year, which begins July 1.

On Monday night, council members approved salary cuts to the city's administrative staff and unaffiliated group, which consists of mostly clerical staff.

To share in the pain, council members unanimously agreed in principle to pay more of the cost of their retirement plan, saving the city $37.47 per month for each of the five council members, or a total of $2,248 for the year. The council is expected to formally adopt the retirement concession later this month.

Council members continue to negotiate on pay reductions with the city's fire, police and public works unions.

John Willow, president of the Clovis Police Officers' Association, said Friday that his group has not yet agreed to concessions, but that this year's concessions seem more reasonable than the 4.34% reduction two years ago and the 5.74% cut last year.

"We are looking at the best avenue to take care of our employees, citizens and the budget for next year," he said. "All the cities are hurting, and a lot of agencies are looking at 8% to 12% cuts or layoffs, and we are looking at a 2.8% cut."

City Manager Kathy Millison said she expects to conclude concessions talks before the end of June.

The city's $51.7 million general fund has a revenue shortfall of between $2 million and $2.5 million in the coming year. The city hopes to close the gap with employee concessions and other budget reductions.

The general fund pays for police, firefighters, recreation, some parks and senior services.

The city's total budget is about $157.9 million.