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Flag theft response surprises Clovis car dealer

Since their giant American flag was stolen Monday night, the owners of Hedrick's Chevrolet have been flooded with condolences, offers of help and donations -- including five crumpled $1 bills from the hand of a 2-year-old girl.

"She was in her mother's arms, and her mom had to help her give them to me," said Brett Hedrick, general manager.

"I gave her a coloring book. She was happy about that," he said.

Response to news of the flag's theft has taken him by surprise, Hedrick said.

"I've had at least 10 calls, 17 Facebook comments, three e-mails, even customers have mentioned it," Hedrick said. The United Local Credit Union gave a $400 check, even though the dealership is not soliciting donations to replace the flag.

Help also may be on the way from the Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

"We know this is important to them, because of what the flag means to the community and to each of us," said district manager Bruce Thiesen.

At its regular monthly meeting Thursday night, the district board was scheduled to discuss using its buying power to get a new flag at a discount.

"We order a lot of materials from veterans organization catalogues, and we can get a better price," Thiesen said.

The dealership paid $800 for the 38-by-20 foot flag, which was installed three months ago.

A super-sized American flag has flown over the business for the past four years, visible from Highway 168.

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