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Clovis to use $624,000 in federal grants

A plan to use about $624,000 in federal grant dollars -- mostly to meet requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act -- was approved Monday night by the Clovis City Council.

The city's Community Development Block Grant funding also will be used for affordable housing programs, home renovation projects and a community service officer for the Clovis Police Department primarily for southwest Clovis.

Under federal block grant funding rules, the city must use the money to assist residents in low- and moderate-income communities, prevent or eliminate urban blight and meet urgent needs around the city.

The city will spend about two-thirds of the money on improvements to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act, said Andy Haussler, the city's housing program manager.

About $250,000 is dedicated to improvements throughout the city, including curb cuts, and another $75,000 will be used for ADA improvements at Sierra Bicentennial Park.

Another $60,000 will be put into a program to offer loans to business owners for disabled access improvements on a revolving basis.

Haussler said the ADA improvements are in response to a settlement reached earlier this year with disability rights advocates. He said he expects additional improvements for disabled access to be installed for several years.

The ADA loan program is being undertaken to educate business owners about federal requirements after nearly four dozen Clovis businesses were sued for not meeting disabled needs.

In addition, Clovis is targeting about $113,000 on property acquisition for affordable housing and the city's housing renovation grants program. Also, the city plans to spend $60,000 to replace water meters that contain lead components and are in a neighborhood near Minnewawa and Barstow avenues.

The federal funding also includes $20,000 for alley lighting in the Stanford Addition neighborhood, east of downtown Clovis.