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Daughtry's bassist coming home to play April 26

Josh Paul's story is the exact opposite of what we're used to hearing around here.

Usually, when you hear about somebody local who has "made it" in entertainment, it's a story of how they grew up here, left for a bigger city, got their big break, and now come back for the occasional holiday.

In the case of Paul, who plays bass in Daughtry, the rock band fronted by "American Idol's" Chris Daughtry, the story is turned upside-down.

Paul was born and raised in Southern California. He started his music career there, playing in punk band Suicidal Tendencies. He got married there. Started having kids there.

But when it came time to settle down a little bit more, he picked the central San Joaquin Valley -- specifically Clovis.

"I'm always gone. So my wife said 'Why don't we just go live up there?' " says Paul, who spends about half the year on the road with Daughtry or recording in Los Angeles. His wife, however, has family here.

"I wanted to move someplace small and nice," Paul says. "I love it up there. It's awesome."

So when Daughtry plays Save Mart Center on Monday night, it's going to be a different sort of homecoming for Paul.

"I would drive past the Save Mart Center for the past few years, like, man, we gotta book a show there. When we were booking this tour, I talked to our agent and said, you got to book this show at the Save Mart Center," Paul says.

And so it was done.

It will actually be Paul's first gig here since becoming a local guy. Daughtry previously performed at The Big Fresno Fair in 2007, but Paul didn't move here until July 2008.

So far he's enjoyed the small-town solace of living in Clovis, compared to the big city hustle-and-bustle of L.A.

"I can get on the freeway and not have a car near me," Paul says. "Or at least not 200 of them, having to sit in traffic for hours and having people honking at you.

"Everybody's really nice and friendly. I'm not used to this. Once our neighbor [came over], I thought maybe she was trying to sell something, she just made us cookies. I never even met my neighbors in L.A. You just don't look at each other."

Paul, 32, seems happy to plant roots here. His wife gave birth to their fourth child last week, a baby boy.

He talks about hanging out at Grogg's, an Irish pub in Clovis, and wanting to check out the local music scene when he's at home. Though, he admits, "when I'm home, I'm home."

Paul was 17 when he joined Suicidal Tendencies, the well-known punk band. He also played with a number of artists, ranging from Kelly Osbourne to Everlast.

"I love all kinds of music," Paul says. "I don't really discriminate. Even if you don't really like it, you have to appreciate everything."

In fact, the first band he was in was a Dixieland jazz band that his grandfather was in.

"It did help me playing all those different genres of music," Paul says. "Being able to learn and live it, it helped me do everything that I'm doing now."

So when you've already played in both a Dixieland jazz band and a punk band, it's not that big a jump to play with a guy from "American Idol."

"When I started in the band, I didn't know who Chris was," Paul says. "I hadn't ever watched 'American Idol.' When they asked me if I wanted to come down and meet him, I was like, uhh OK. Then I met with him, at this point I still hadn't heard him sing, he was just a cool normal dude."

Hearing Daughtry sing convinced Paul to join the band. Likewise, Daughtry was easily convinced about Paul.

"I saw the mohawk and tattoos when he walked in, and I was sold before he played a note," Daughtry said in Paul's band biography. "When he started, it was obvious he was born to do what he does. He makes it all look so effortless."

Paul's newest venture is something he hopes makes an impression as well: A clothing company called Washing Machine ( that he started with a long-time friend.

He's actually having a launch party for the clothing line at 7 p.m. Sunday at Grogg's, 1225 N. Willow Ave.

No, Chris Daughtry won't be there. But Paul and some friends will be. And he might even play some tunes.

Consider it a warm-up for his much-anticipated Save Mart Center show on Monday.

"We're doing arenas," Paul says, almost like he can't believe it himself. "And the fans are singing along. It's kinda like living the dream."


Daughtry was formed by Chris Daughtry, after he was eliminated from the fifth season of "American Idol." He finished fourth, but he has enjoyed far more success than that year's winner, Taylor Hicks.

As a band, Daughtry has had two No. 1 albums, 2006's self-titled release and 2009's "Leave This Town."

The band's biggest hits include "Home," "It's Not Over" and "No Surprise."

Daughtry has toured with Bon Jovi and Nickelback, among others. LIFEHOUSE

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The band has released five albums total, including this year's "Smoke & Mirrors."

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