Clovis News

Panhandlers' scam

I applaud the Fresno City Council for finally taking action on the panhandlers that seem to be on every center median of our city. The man pictured in your article, along with two others, is always at Blackstone and Nees avenues.

I once asked the woman with the same sign (they need a motel), how long they would be soliciting for this motel and why they didn’t clean up and start moving forward in life. She just scowled at me and walked away from my car.

What happened to the days when the signs read “Will work for food?” Now it’s just “give me money” mentality.

I think we all wish we had a brilliant solution to this problem, and I’m glad our City Council members have ventured forth. For those who disagree with this, spend some time watching the intersection of Blackstone and Nees. I am sick and tired of watching groups of men leave their “posts” to meet on the corner and share their bottles of liquor. If I was drinking from a big bottle of vodka on the corner, I’d probably be arrested.

Laurie Johnson