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Clovis police probe teen link to explosives

Clovis police are asking residents near Keats and Magnolia avenues to watch for suspicious activity related to reports of teenagers using homemade explosives.

Janet Stoll-Lee, Clovis police spokeswoman, said residents in the area have reported hearing large firecracker-like explosions coming from a nearby park.

On Sunday about 6 p.m., police responded to a report of three high school-age boys exploding homemade bombs. When police arrived they found pieces of two plastic bottles that had been exploded, but no suspects.

And Tuesday, the Clovis Fire Department discovered three plastic "bottle bomb" devices at the same park. Two of them had exploded, the third was intact but inert. Stoll-Lee said bleach may be one of the ingredients used in the devices. She warns that the homemade devices can be just as dangerous as illegal fireworks.