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Police: Clovis man stabs dog with kitchen knife

A Clovis man was booked Tuesday night on suspicion of animal cruelty after he allegedly stabbed his Rottweiler repeatedly with a kitchen knife, police said Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Janet Stoll-Lee said Daniel Rodriguez, 39, stabbed the dog, named Big Boy, in front of his 6-year-old son near his home in the 1400 block of Purvis Avenue. The 156-pound dog, who has been placed with Clovis Animal Services, is expected to survive, although he has several deep wounds.

Rodriguez, who was later freed on bail from the Fresno County Jail, called the animal shelter Wednesday in an unsuccessful effort to get Big Boy back, Stoll-Lee said.

According to police, Rodriguez was angry at the dog because Big Boy ran from the home when Rodriguez opened the door to accept a pizza. Rodriguez ran after the dog, caught him across the street and stabbed him several times, including once in the neck.

Rodriguez later told officers he was disciplining Big Boy for not obeying commands to stay home.

Rodriguez also was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment because the alleged incident took place in front of his son. As he was arrested, Rodriguez became verbally abusive and challenged officers to fight, Stoll-Lee said. Alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the incident.

In April, a man was arrested in central Fresno on suspicion of stabbing a neighbor's beagle, named Rocky. The dog survived.