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Clovis City Council OKs 352 houses

A large proposed housing tract in the southeast part of Clovis moved forward Monday night despite opposition from rural residents living near the site.

The 352-home project, north and east of Clovis East High School, advanced on a 3-2 vote after being delayed earlier this year when City Council members deadlocked on the plan.

The tract's approval extends the city's Loma Vista development an additional mile to the east.

Resident Karen McGregor, who lives east of the proposed Lennar project, said she does not like the design of the subdivision because its four parks, which are on a central street corner, could turn into a policing problem.

Other residents said they did not like the project because a portion of it has more than four homes to the acre.

Rod Sherr, who moved to the area six years ago, said he moved away from the city to have more space and now the city will be encroaching on him.

He said developments in Loma Vista -- near DeWolf and Shaw avenues -- already have empty homes and more houses don't make sense.

Council Member Bob Whalen said the city should not be adding density and shouldn't change the original Loma Vista plan because the economy has changed.

Mayor Harry Armstrong and Council Members Nathan Magsig and Joe Flores supported the plan.

Flores said the city is being told by the state and federal governments to increase housing density to preserve land and said he viewed the Lennar plan as "more of a compromise."

Added Armstrong: "Large lots are a thing of the past."

Loma Vista eventually will cover more than 3,000 acres from Locan Avenue on the west to McCall Avenue on the east.

It will include portions of Bullard and Shaw avenues to the north and will extend to Gould Canal to the south. Loma Vista is expected to be home to 30,000 residents.