Clovis News

Family bakes goodies in Clovis

An entire family is behind the new Dore Bakery in downtown Clovis.

The bakery opened June 19 on Clovis Avenue, between 4th and 5th streets. Tim and Connie Dorais run the business, along with two of their five children working at the bakery. Other siblings are peripherally involved.

The bakery sells goodies -- everything from cheesecake bars to cupcakes decorated like flowers -- and coffee. The business has a coffee shop atmosphere, sells blended and flavored coffee drinks and offers free wireless Internet.

From left, Connie, Tim and Mark Dorais at their bakery. The family named the bakery after the old European spelling of their name, citing confusion of the pronunciation of their actual name. Auto Insurance Discount WarningGetting all Discounts You're Entitled to? Most Drivers Forget… Explore Now...Fresno Residents: Make $63/Hr Part-Time!$63/hr part-time jobs open. Requirements: Just a computer. Explore Now...Quantcast

The Dorais family named the bakery after the old European spelling of their name, citing confusion of the pronunciation of their actual name.

This is a family that's not afraid to work together.

For years, Connie and daughter Lisa Dorais worked together as real estate appraisers before opening the bakery.

"We have so much fun together," Lisa Dorais said.

Almost everyone is involved in the bakery. Lisa and brother Mark, a high school student, work at the bakery. Their sister Kim does cake decorating for Save Mart and helps decorate cupcakes at the Dore Bakery. Brother Brian gives out samples of smoothies at the Clovis farmers market.

Baking and cooking run in the family, too. Lisa Dorais has worked at restaurants as a cook and at grocery store bakeries and delis. Connie Dorais sold her baked goods from home in years past.

Her husband Tim, a teacher's coach in the Fresno Unified School District, often brought his wife's peanut butter bars to work meetings, where they received rave reviews.

"They all say, 'You should open a bakery,' " Tim Dorais said.

Now he can say they did.

Yes, they're open

The La-Z-Boy on West Shaw Avenue in Fresno has reopened, but many shoppers don't know it.

The store closed Jan. 15 and reopened under a different franchisee Feb. 7.

"A lot of times [customers] come in and say, 'Hey, I thought you closed,' " said manager Erick Errazo.

The previous franchise owner ran the West Shaw store and the La-Z-Boy store on East Shaw in Fresno. Both closed after going-out-of-business sales late last year and in January. During the sale, the store ran advertising and sent multiple fliers to customers notifying them of the closure, Errazo said.

Confusing matters further, the Michigan-based retailer announced the closure of 15 to 20 company-owned stores shortly before the West Shaw store closed.

The East Shaw store will remain closed.

A couple who own eight other La-Z-Boy stores in the Bay Area bought the West Shaw store.

Jumping for joy

Guy Stockbridge says the key to surviving this tough real estate market is to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. "If they ask us to jump, we ask how high and how long do we stay airborne," the owner of Stockbridge Development Inc. quips.

The general contractor is carving a niche in the medical field these days, which is one of the few industries expanding. It has had two ground-breaking ceremonies in the last few weeks (one was Saturday) for medical offices, one at 475 E. Almond Ave. in Madera and the other at the southeast corner of Milburn and Herndon avenues in Fresno.

The 10,270-square-foot Madera clinic is for Drs. Mazhar Javaid, a specialist in lung disease and sleep disorders; Tahir Hassan, who does internal medicine; Naeem Akhtar, gastroenterologist; and Mohammad Anwer, surgeon.

The 9,637-square-foot building in northwest Fresno is being built for Drs. Jay Mukker and Larry Scort, podiatric surgeons.

Both should open in early 2010.

Stockbridge used to build houses but branched out into commercial construction as the residential market slowed -- although he is currently constructing six homes in northwest Fresno.