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Fresno council OKs $1.3m to fix sewage plant turbines

The Fresno City Council today authorized $1.3 million in repairs to two failed gas turbine engines, which generate electricity at the Fresno-Clovis sewage treatment plant.

One of the turbines broke down more than a year ago, and the other failed about three weeks ago, said Stephen Hogg, assistant public utilities director and manager of the plant on Jensen Avenue southwest of the city.

Since the second failure, the plant has been burning waste gas in a flare and buying electricity to replace what the turbines would have generated, Hogg said.

By the time they failed, both units had run longer without an overhaul than their manufacturer recommends -- about twice as long in the case of the second unit. Hogg said the reason maintenance was delayed comes down to the cost of an overhaul.

The council also agreed today to apply for federal stimulus money to build two sewer systems.

One application for $897,167 would serve the old Herndon town in northwest Fresno; the other for $400,000 would serve 80 homes on Fountain Way and Marty, Cortland and Gentry avenues in west-central Fresno.