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World-traveling Clovis Community Band set to take the Paul Shaghoian stage Sunday, Feb. 19

Clovis Community Band performs in May.
Clovis Community Band performs in May.

From Normandy to Pearl Harbor, members of the Clovis Community Band have traveled with their mission of changing the world, one note at a time.

The 80-member band, a Clovis Adult Education program, holds about half a dozen local concerts per year, said director Daniel Lindstrom.

A concert is scheduled at 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall at Clovis North High School.

Clovis Community Band was formed in the mid-1990s to give local musicians an opportunity to perform beyond high school and college, Lindstrom said.

“Members run the gamut from high school age to 80s and approaching 90s,” he said. “It’s a mixed bag for the community. These are people who may have played all through school or college and then they go to work and get away from their instruments.”

Many musicians miss the camaraderie of a band and performing for audiences, said Lindstrom, who has directed the band since August 2013.

“Clovis Community Band gives them an opportunity to come back and play.”

Most concerts are held in the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall, but the Veterans Day and Memorial Day concerts are held in the Clovis Veterans Memorial District auditorium.

“It’s a concert band, or wind ensemble, and sometimes we have a harp player or other speciality instruments if the music calls for it,” Linstrom said.

There is a wide range of talent in the band, which is taken into consideration when choosing music, he said. Most pieces are targeted for high school and college players.

“What’s great about all of them is they absolutely love to come down and practice hard and do the concerts the best we can,” he said. “The attitude is great.”

High school students can also find an outlet in Clovis Community Band. A current member is a student whose heavy Advanced Placement class schedule makes it difficult to make time for his school’s band, Lindstrom said. Instead, he practices every Tuesday night with Clovis Community Band.

The band also looks for students who play specialty instruments, for which there is usually only one or two spots in a high school band.

Clovis Community Band members learn and perform more than 60 pieces each year.

“Each time they finish a concert they get a brand new set of music,” Lindstrom said.

The band was asked to join several other musicians to play in a ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day in 2014.

“A retired director for the Army, Col. Arnold Gabriel, was our director over there and he had been involved in D-Day,” Lindstrom said. “He was magnificent.”

Forty-one members of Clovis Community Band performed at the 75th Commemoration of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii last year, and teamed up with Clovis Community Choir to perform a Christmas concert.

Another specialty concert to be held May 30 will feature the band’s small ensembles.

“We play in a group that only has one person playing each part,” Lindstrom explained. “Automatically you have a lot more pressure on you to do your part right; you can’t fake it. Our audience grows every time we do it.”

Selections for the upcoming concert include uptempo numbers like “Festivo,” by Vaclav Nelhybel, “Pennywhistle Jig” by Henry Mancini and arranged by John Moss, and “Urban Dances” by Erik Morales.

“Pachinko” is a piece that Lindstrom said is reminiscent of a Japanese pinball game.

“It’s fun; there’s lots of noise and lots of activity,” he said.

Band member Matthew G. Roberts will also direct his original composition “Passing Time.”

“The piece is symbolic of how we try to bring forth everyones’ talents and what they’re successful at,” Lindstrom said. “It’s a real novelty number and shows history of the band.”

All Clovis Community Band concerts are always free, although donations are accepted. The band uses donations to buy music and remain operational, Lindstrom said.


Clovis Community Band Concert

2:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 19

Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall

Clovis North High School, 2770 International Ave.

Admission is free.