Crowdfunding campaign started for California drought relief

A coalition of non-profit organizations and businesses has started a crowd-funding campaign called the California Drought Relief Fund to provide assistance to families affected by the state’s unprecedented drought and wildfires, said Dianne Saenz of Climate Nexus.

The fund will support local relief organizations assisting families who have run out of water due to severe drought, primarily in the Central and Salinas valleys, as well as victims of wildfires across the state.

All funds raised will be divided among three local relief organizations—Self-Help Enterprises (SHE), the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW) and the California Fire Foundation (CFF). SHE and EJCW are using their resources to assist households whose wells have run dry by providing clean water, installing temporary water storage tanks, connecting houses to municipal water supplies and arranging low-interest loans for new water well construction.

CFF supports firefighters and operates the SAVE program, which helps first responders distribute immediate cash relief to victims of fire and natural disaster.

Members of the public may contribute to the California Drought Relief Fund by visiting www.droughtrelief.org to learn more and make a contribution.

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