UPS employee shot in the head while walking home from work in Merced.

A UPS employee was shot in the head while walking home from work on Highway 59 in Merced on Monday night.

The 22-year old Merced man was walking south on Highway 59 toward Cone Avenue around 10 p.m. when he heard a loud bang.

“At first he didn’t realize he was shot until he saw he was bleeding,” said Merced County Sheriff Deputy Daryl Allen. “He ran back to the UPS warehouse and called for help.”

The victim was flown to a hospital in Modesto where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries, according to Allen.

Deputies are looking for information on the incident.

“We have no leads, we have nothing,” Allen said. “He had no gang affiliation, he had no enemies he could think of and he no idea where the gunshots came from.”

Authorities are asking for help from the public. If you have information on the incident, call the Merced County Sheriff detectives at 209-385-7472.