Fresno Police officer takes time to help a homeless man during a hot day

A Fresno Police officer pulled his vehicle to the side of a busy road to give water to a homeless man in the summer heat.

The interaction was captured in a still photo by Fresno resident Kathy Waters as she was driving and her social media posting of the pic has generated much interaction.

In the photo, Officer Jeff Manriquez had just finished pouring water from his jug into the homeless man’s water bottle to help him stay cool and hydrated. The man can be seen chugging down the water.

The social media post of the pic generated about 800 shares on Facebook within the first 24 hours.

“I thought it was very heartwarming,” Waters said. “It’s just amazing the difference we can make just being nice to others.”

The interaction occurred around 10:45 a.m. Tuesday near the Highway 41 ramp and Shields Avenue in central Fresno, according to Waters.

“When you see a cop on the side of a road with someone, you always think of the negative,” Waters said. “What happened? What did the person do?

“But it shouldn’t be like that. This police officer was just helping out another person. It melts my heart.”

Manriquez is a seven-year veteran with the Fresno Police Department and has deep roots with local law enforcement: his grandfather is a retired lieutenant.

Bryant-Jon Anteola is a multimedia reporter for The Fresno Bee, writing stories and producing videos about sports, news and random topics relatable to those in the Fresno area. He’s won a McClatchy President’s Award and received honorable mention by the Associated Press Sports Editors. He enjoys sports because of the competition, camaraderie and energy, and views sports as a microcosm of society.