This Hanford man just won the lottery, then she hit a jackpot

California Lottery

Two people in love hit the jackpot on one lottery ticket, the California Lottery said.

Fred Bastardo of Hanford — seen smiling ear to ear in a photo provided by the California Lottery — visited a local market to buy lottery tickets.

He bought one Scratchers ticket but it wasn’t a winner, and neither was the second or the third.

“I’m not leaving until I get a winner,” he told the clerk.

After his fourth ticket didn’t win, Bastardo bought a fifth Scratchers ticket — a $10 Mystery Crossword — this time telling the clerk, “OK, if I don’t win, I’m done.”

But that ticket turned out to be worth $750,000.

This is where the fun starts.

Bastardo and his girlfriend drove to the California Lottery office in Fresno to claim the prize. As she was driving on the freeway, Bastardo told her to pull over so they could have a serious talk. They came to a stop on the side of the freeway.

She worried that her suddenly rich boyfriend was about to break up with her — or was he about to propose marriage?

“We’re happy to report that Bastardo did in fact propose and the two are now engaged,” the California Lottery said.

His fiancée said that getting engaged was even better than winning the money, the Lottery said.

The winning ticket was purchased at El Ranchero Liquor at 11998 South 10th Ave. in Hanford.

Bastardo said he would like to invest his winnings wisely and start his own business.

Lewis Griswold: 559-441-6104, @fb_LewGriswold