Fresno’s Fig Garden residents vote to keep fire station open

Fig Garden property owners have approved a 10-year extension for their fire service contract with the city of Fresno.

About 650 pacrel owners voted, and 83.2% approved continuing the relationship with Fresno Fire Department, which began with a similar vote of property owners 10 years ago.

Approval required two-thirds approval of residents, a result of state voter approval in 2010 of Proposition 26. In 2005, Fig Garden voters supported the contract in a 148-118 vote.

There were 540 voters who approved the contract extension, 109 opposed and nine votes were disqualified.

Residents’ assessments will rise to $732 annually at the beginning of next year. A 2.5% escalation is built in for cost of living in subsequent years.

The residents in Fig Garden have had fire service for their neighborhood since 1942. Had the assessment vote failed, the Wishon Avenue fire station would have closed and other surrounding Fresno fire stations would have had to pick up coverage of the area. There are 735 parcels in the neighborhood.