Timmy the puppy falls into pipe; Fresno firefighters fish him out

A puppy that fell into an old well casing in southeast Fresno was rescued Tuesday by firefighters who used a rope to pull Timmy to safety.

Fresno Fire Department spokesman Pete Martinez said the puppy — which appeared to be a shepherd mix and only a few months old — fell about 50 feet down an uncovered metal pipe about 8 inches in diameter within a garage on the 5000 block of East Grant Avenue.

Firefighter Mark Garcia with Station 15 pulled the puppy to safety Tuesday afternoon, about an hour after firefighters first arrived. Martinez said Garcia lowered a knotted rope into the hole that he managed to loop around the puppy’s legs and torso. Timmy was rescued unharmed.

Martinez said the dog was stuck in the hole for a few hours, since at least late Tuesday morning, when Timmy’s family first heard him crying.

The pipe has since been covered and firefighters believe the incident was an accident, and the puppy just took a dangerous tumble.