Fresno City Manager Bruce Rudd apologizes for criticizing question about police

Fresno City Manager Bruce Rudd said Monday his response to a question at a Friday news conference about police Deputy Chief Keith Foster was inappropriate.

Foster was arrested Thursday on federal drug-conspiracy charges. In a flurry of activity Friday, Rudd, Mayor Ashley Swearengin and police Chief Jerry Dyer addressed the effect Foster’s arrest had on the police department and City Hall. Rudd and Dyer then met with Foster at the federal courthouse after Foster was arraigned on the charges.

At the City Hall news conference, Dyer was asked if the Foster incident, coupled with a lawsuit brought against the chief by two other deputy chiefs, brought into question his command and might become his tenure’s defining crisis, much as predecessors had experienced.

Rudd cut off the answer, saying a question about Dyer’s handling of his command staff “I don’t believe is appropriate.”

Monday, Rudd publicly apologized for his comment, saying it was more emotional than objective. “My response was not correct.”

EDITORIAL: City manager’s ‘inappropriate’ comment about Foster case

Check back later for more on this developing story from City Hall reporter George Hostetter.

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