Met board reflects on its key decision

The Fresno Metropolitan Museum's board voted unanimously on Sept. 21, 2004, to renovate the old Fresno Bee building. Here is what trustees, identified by positions held at the time, say now.


Nancy Barg, self-described art lover

"I would stay down in the basement in collections. I really was not that involved in the decision-making."

Mark Benscheidt, executive director, California Public Television Association

Did not respond to request for comment.

Kenneth Blackwood, president/CEO, San Joaquin Valley Black Chamber of Commerce

Did not respond to request for comment.

Ned Doffoney, president, Fresno City College

"It's easy to look back and say, 'If I knew then what I know now,' but if that were the case I could change my whole life."

Al Galvez, PG&E public affairs manager

"At that time, what we knew and what was presented to us was something we thought was doable and something the community would support."

Paul Gibson, real estate broker

"I remember that meeting and I remember the process. I remember a lot of opinions being expressed."

Rita Gladding, clothing retailer

"At that time and place, we were as well informed as we were going to be."

Paul Gottlieb, insurance broker

"That meeting was held after a considerable amount of time and energy had been spent answering questions from various board members and trustees emeriti."

Cici Lee, marketing coordinator

"I don't remember voting for it."

Marlene Luna, Docents Council president

"It was an old building and there were probably a lot of things that had to be done to it that couldn't have been foreseen."

Kim Negri, community activist

"We had contacted a number of people and gotten a number of reports. We felt we had done our due diligence."

Rich Olsson, banker

"Any time you make a decision like that, there is apprehension. But I thought we did the right thing."

Betsy Reeves, educator

"I felt like everything was in order for us to move ahead."

Ray Steele, publisher, The Fresno Bee (Left meeting early for another appointment and did not vote; now says he would have voted no.)

"We weren't construction people but we were relying on the people who were."

Ron Truly, financial executive

"We felt our finances were in line. We didn't anticipate the outcome."


  • Hal Bolen, attorney
  • Allan Clark, construction company executive
  • Jim Ganulin, attorney
  • Kurt Gross, science educator (Met employee)
  • Helen Smades, real estate agent
  • Richard Thiessen, Fresno Pacific University faculty
  • Wally Upton, attorney
  • Emory Wishon, attorney
  • Curtis Wong, accountant