Did embattled Madera County DA threaten his insurance agent, or was he joking?

Madera County supervisors voted Monday to censure District Attorney David Linn for alleged “workplace harassment, discrimination and abuse.”

Now an undated recording has surfaced in which Linn tells his insurance agent to call him immediately about an issue regarding his policy, and “if you don’t do that, then I’m going to have to send an investigator out with some handcuffs and lock you up and bring you back here to Madera County and talk to you in a little room for a while.”

Linn said Wednesday that he doesn’t remember making the call, but his remarks were with levity and in frustration because of the problems he was having with his insurance policy. He also questioned whether the recording was obtained illegally.

Linn was censured by the Board of Supervisors this week for allegedly making racially and sexually offensive comments to his staff and for harassing some of them.

He denied he had done anything improper and said the charges were motivated in part by two supervisors he said were under investigation for improperly taking campaign donations from developers.