Video purporting anti-Trump violence a hoax, Hanford police say

Lemoore Police

A video purporting to show a Donald Trump supporter beaten for trying to protect campaign yard signs is a hoax, Hanford police announced Monday afternoon.

Instead, police said, investigators have determined that the video that went viral Sunday was a mashup of two incidents – an unknown male beating up a female, and a boy stealing Trump yard signs.

On Sunday, The American Mirror reported that the incident going viral had happened in Kings County, possibly in Lemoore. Police there said they had reports of a fight involving a woman, but that she didn’t have any Trump yard signs. Hanford police were equally stumped.

By Monday, Hanford police had solved the case. They said a boy recorded a fight between several juveniles, including a girl, that happened in the 1300 block of North Douty Street, just south of Hanford High, on Friday, Sept. 30. A short time later, the boy and an accomplice decided to steal Trump yard signs and recorded those thefts, posting them to Snapchat and Twitter.

From there, the two videos were mashed together with a caption that read, “White woman being beaten over Trump sign.”

Hanford police said the two boys who stole the signs were cited on theft charges and released to their parents. Citations are expected over the fight, too, police said.