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UC Merced researchers team up on Valley fever overview

A literature review on Valley fever written by UC Merced researchers will be available online at no cost until Sept. 28.

"Valley Fever: Danger Lurking in a Dust Cloud" gathers everything known about the illness and the impact it has on communities. The article was recently published in the scientific journal Microbes and Infection.

The purpose of the article, according to authors, is to provide other researchers with a general, more up-to-date overview of Valley fever.

The research includes information on symptoms, the immune system's response to the infection, the geographical distribution of Valley fever and information on the populations typically affected.

Researchers explained that increasing awareness of Valley fever can contribute to the improvement of methods used in combating the disease.

UC Merced researchers Erin Gaab and Larry Johnson worked alongside department of molecular biology professors David Ojcius, Katrina Hoyer and Clarissa Nobile, as well as with research assistants Javier Sanchez and Phong Bui.

Michael Peterson, University of California, San Francisco-Fresno's chief of medicine, also contributed to research for the literature review.

The article can be accessed in a PDF format.